GSoC: Some updates…

Hi guys, it has been a while since my last post, but yes! I’m alive and the project is going well. ;)

For those who doesn’t remember, my project is to port some plasmoids to QML. Most of the work I’ve done these months was in two of the three plasmoids that I’ll port during GSoC. The porting of the Pager and the LCD Weather Station are quite advanced, you can see in the screenshot below the current status of them. The porting of the Weather Forecast I’ve started yesterday, so I don’t have much to show yet.

Until now I’m really enjoying the results of the project in terms of code. The MVC style is more evident now, specially in the Pager where there is a clear separation between the model (a QAbstractListModel subclass) and the view (the QML files).

I’m also taking this opportunity to become more involved with the community. I had a really good time last month attending to the Qt Contributors Summit and I hope to have a good time too next week in FISL.

I think that’s it for now… I’ll try not to take so long to write new posts. ;)

Plasma + GSoC 2012

Hi everyone, my name is Luís Gabriel and I’ll work on Plasma during the Google Summer of Code 2012. ;)

Basically, my work during the next months is to port some plasmoids written in C++ to QML. I’ll focus on three specific plasmoids: the Pager, the Weather Forecast and the LCD Weather Station. You can see more detailed information about this project in my proposal.

I’m very excited about this opportunity to contribute to KDE and I hope you guys enjoy the future results of this project. As soon as I have something to show, I’ll post here to get feedbacks.